Monday, 16 May 2016

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Interview with Author Rex Grainger

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

My book cover on You Tube

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

An overview of Elixir Stone - my debut adventure thriller

I have just released my novel Elixir Stone. It's an adventure thriller about a couple of archaeologists who stumble upon a skeleton still retaining skin residue and an ancient scroll which can lead one to the elixir of life and reverse ageing. But there are many obstacles on the way; a recovering adrenaline junkie and ex-special forces guy is there to fend off these obstacles, and the results come with a crash, bang and wallop. Yes, it's an action-adventure novel in the vein of Andy McDermott, Matthew Reilly and Clive Cussler.   Originally it was meant to be set in Egypt, but when I read an article about theft of relics being at an epidemic level in Bulgaria, I found my location, and I linked that to Turkey, another location in the book. The main characters are very much like misfits and underdogs - Dr Jonathan Kendrick, the archaeologist from England, was dismissed from his last institute job and is given a second chance in Bulgaria; Ella, also an archeologist, is a goth and very intuitive, and Simon Harte, the Australian adrenaline addict and security guard at the Bulgarian tomb site, is enigmatic, intense, troubled, and likes living dangerously. Along with these characters, I have a villain who is only seeking vengeance for his wife's murder and  isn't your run of the mill villain; another villain, and the instigator of the attempts to obtain the elixir, is Thomas Stanhope, a billionaire obsessed with ageing. There is a henchman, a mercenary called Shaw, who has a penchant for mayhem.   I just wanted to give you an overview about Elixir Stone - its got various locations in Bulgaria, Taurus Mountains, Macedonia and good old New York, and there's enough thrills and spills to make a thriller fan happy. And there is light humour as well. Please check it out. - amazon UK - amazon US